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MRI Scanners – Procedures & Specialized Applications

What is a MRI Scanner, and how is it used clinically?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. It is an extremely powerful machine that is an invaluable diagnostic tool in the medical industry. An MRI machine uses a string magnetic field to produce high quality images in multiple planes/directions. These images are created using superconducting magnets and pulsing radio waves. MRI scans differ from x-rays in that they us non ionising radiation, whereas x-rays use radiation, which in high doses can be much more harmful.  (more…)

Who should buy Open MRIs?

Who should buy Open MRI Scanners?

The open MRI Scanners, such as the Hitachi Airis, GE Ovation and Siemens Mangetom C is not only different in design, but contains a set of benefits separating them from the Closed, and the Wide-Bore MRI Scanner.

Magnetic Properties
The typical open MRI have 2 flat magnets, positioned over and under the patient, with a large gap between them for the patient to be situated during the scan. The magnets are typically either permanent magnets, or resistive electromagnets (more…)