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Price Guide for Bone Densitometers

Price Guide for Bone Densitometers

What’s a Bone Densitometer?
A bone densitometer is a medical equipment, based on the common x-ray technology, used to get a picture of the bones. The main reason for doing so, is to diagnose osteopenia or osteoporosis, in which the bone’s mineral and density are lowered, and the risk of fractures therefore increased. To examin the bones for such diseases, the patient is commonly asked to lay on the back, while pictures of the lumbar spine and hips are obtained.


GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometer
The GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometer
Hologic Discovery Bone Densitometer
The Hologic Disovery Bone Densitometer

What does it cost?
As with most medical equipment, there’s a lot of brands and models. Some of the brands you may recognize are Swissray, XGY, Norland and especially GE and Hologic, which this article takes point in. GE and Hologic are some of the most used brands within the bone densitometry field, and some very common models are the Lunar Prodigy from GE, as well as the Discovery from Hologic:

The price is generally based on:
– Model
– System Options
– Year of Manufacture
– Level of Warranty

GE Lunar Prodigy or Hologic Discovery (17-24.000 USD)
Add an additional 90-Days Warranty: (19-26.000 USD)
Full parts and service for 1 year: (22-29.000 USD)
Hidden costs:
Shipping & Installation: (Vary based on location)
Applications Training: (2,000 USD).

We hope you like, and can use this small guide for buying bone densitometers.

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