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Common Equipment in Ophthalmology

Learn about commonly used equipment in ophthalmology for examination and treatment

Ophthalmology equipment refers to the equipment used to perform eye examinations. Ophthalmologists have an array of machines and devices to examine and diagnose eye conditions. These devices are used in medical instances to examine conditions of the eye and also to fit the correct glass lenses and contact lenses. There are many types of devices and machines used for many different procedures and examinations. Here are some of the most common. (more…)

Basic Parts & Different Ultrasound Applications

Basic parts of the Ultrasound machine, and most used applications described

Ultrasound machines are incredibly useful in the medical industry. Ultrasound machines use pulses of sound in order to build up an image of the inside of the body. They are most commonly used to examine a fetus in utero, however, they can be used for a number of different medical reasons outside of pregnancy. Here is the basic make up of an ultrasound machine.
Basic Parts of an Ultrasound Machine (more…)

Patient Monitors in the future

What is Patient Monitors, and how can they influence the future?

For most people their understanding of patient monitoring stops at the bedside heart monitor. But patient monitoring involves much more than this, and since it first came to prominence in the 1600’s, its applications have only been increased. The modern medical industry are constantly developing new ways of early detection and prevention of diseases and medical conditions. (more…)

MRI Scanners – Procedures & Specialized Applications

What is a MRI Scanner, and how is it used clinically?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. It is an extremely powerful machine that is an invaluable diagnostic tool in the medical industry. An MRI machine uses a string magnetic field to produce high quality images in multiple planes/directions. These images are created using superconducting magnets and pulsing radio waves. MRI scans differ from x-rays in that they us non ionising radiation, whereas x-rays use radiation, which in high doses can be much more harmful.  (more…)

General info about Laboratory Equipment

Must have equipment for a Scientific Laboratory

Laboratory equipment refers to the specific equipment used by scientists in scientific laboratories. This equipment differs depending on the function of the lab, though some equipment is universally used. Laboratory equipment is used to either perform an experiment or to take measurements and record data with. Any pieces of equipment that are larger or more sophisticated than most are generally referred to as ‘scientific instruments’. (more…)